Because lower costs and higher productivity are crucial

Whether as a pharmaceutical researcher and producer, a producer of generic medications or a contract producer: in the pharmaceutical industry, you have to come to terms with ever-increasing costs for research and development, stricter regulatory requirements, inconsistent international approval procedures, varying demand, price regulations and increasingly complex product portfolios. With the Lifetime Efficiency offer, we help you optimize your solid pharmaceuticals production. You benefit, through this fully reworked package of solutions, from lower overall costs and higher productivity.

How we optimize your entire production process together

The focus of our cooperation in the past was on plant-specific investment costs, and the provision of prompt support at your company – such as the timely rectification of problems.

But many, varied opportunities for optimization lie throughout the production system. To get the best out of them with us, you need a clear, operative idea of how the overall performance of your production system can be optimized over the full life-cycle of your plant.

From problem-orientation to potential-orientation

From now on we can offer you a new dimension in the optimization of your production facility. We make sure that the value creation of your production system is increased, continuously and systematically. In short: out of the problem comes an orientation to potential. For this reason we want to cooperate even more closely in future.

Integrated analysis and data-based optimization of equipment and processes makes it possible for you to open up previously hidden potentials for quality and efficiency. This markedly lowers your overall costs.

What is crucial is the performance of your plant over its total life cycle. This is something we look at against the background of your whole production network – across multiple sites and beyond. An example of this is the basic idea of "fleet management", as is already successfully implemented in other sectors of industry.

Lifetime Efficiency – that’s what we do

In the development phase we support you with feasibility studies for product development and in the preparation for production start-up. In the ongoing production phase that follows, we concentrate on permanent optimization of your operational processes. And in the modernization phase, we will help you to extend the life cycle of your machines. You will therefore be able to start a new, profitable production cycle with modernized equipment – the circle of Lifetime Efficiency is closed!

Want to know more about Lifetime Efficiency?

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